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About Keltic Clothing

Named after our Managing Director’s mixed Irish and English roots, Keltic Clothing began life in the 1980s as a small Midlands factory making waxed jackets. As wax jackets went out of fashion, production moved on to police and traffic warden jackets. In 2001, father and son team John and David Barry took the brave decision to embark in a new direction, renting a small warehouse to supply corporate clothing direct to councils, universities, the NHS and large companiesuniforms birmingham

Fast-forward ten years and with a lot of hard work, as well as by putting in place very large stockholdings and designing innovative new garments, Keltic is one of the UK’s leading uniform suppliers. Each of our specialist departments is run by experts with years of experience in their field, and we’re widely recognised as industry-leaders in security, parking and warden uniform wear, corporate wear (including corporate suits and shirts), body armour, school crossing patrol wear and paramedic uniforms.

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We have five large fully-stocked warehouses and 25 administration staff, and remain 100% family-owned and run. We still produce custom-made uniform jackets in our UK factory – but leaving waxed jackets to Barbour was the best decision we ever made!